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My name is Chad Lewis and I am a researcher, author, and lecturer on topics of the strange and unusual. My background is in the field of Psychology as I did both my Bachelor and Master degree work in the field- but for nearly 30 years I have traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories and history.

Here are just a few of the places I have ventured to in search of the strange and unusual:

Chupacabras- Puerto Rico, Costa Rica

Tata Duende- Belize, Guatemala

Mothman-Point Pleasant (West Virginia)

Wendigo-Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan

Van Meter Visitor- Van Meter, Iowa

Beast of Bray Road- Elkhorn, WI

Bigfoot- Canada, United States


UFOs- Kecksburg (Pennsylvania), Aurora (Texas), Area 51 (Nevada), Aztec Crash Site (New Mexico), Roswell (New Mexico), UFO Watch Tower (Colorado) UFO Landing Site (WI) UFO Capitol of the World (Elmwood, Dundee, Belleville)

Famous Haunted Places- Gettysburg (Pennsylvania), New Orleans Cemetery(Louisiana) Villisca Ax Murder House (Iowa) , Summerwind (WI) Bachelor's Grove (IL) Too many to list

Haunted Castles & Tunnels(London),Deadwood (South Dakota)

Spook Lights- Hornet Spook Light (Missouri), Paulding Spook Light (Michigan)

Sea Serpents- Bessie (Lake Erie), Champ (Lake Champlain), Lough Ree (Ireland), Nessie(Loch Ness, Scotland), Pepie (Lake Pepin Monster in WI and MN) Flathead Lake Monster (Montana) Lake Monona, Mendota, Red Cedar, Devil's Lake, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and many more.....

Vampires-Transylvania (Romania)

Skunk Ape -Florida

Hellhounds- Nicaragua, Belize

Gnomes – Ireland, Scotland, France

Crop Circles - WI, MN, IA

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