Van Meter VIP Visitor Walk/ I Survived the Visitor Food and Drinks

Scary Van Meter Nighttime Walking Tour –Friday Night!

September 23rd----7pm -?

The tour is limited to only 25 tickets and will sell out. Ticket includes the tour, and an appetizer and drink from the 5th Quarter bar & restaurant. (They make a Visitor drink) 


Avoid the huge crowds of the Saturday tours, and join Chad Lewis on an intimate in-depth walking tour of the Van Meter Visitor legend. Dive deeper into the mysterious legend as you visit the locations where the townsfolk spotted, encountered, and shot at the Van Meter Visitor.


By the authors of the definitive guide on the legend Chad Lewis & Kevin Nelson— this festival fundraising tour gives you the opportunity to discuss the supernatural with many of the other featured speakers at the conference as well.


After the walking tour celebrate your survival with some food and drinks with everyone.


This tour provides the opportunity for a more thorough examination of the legend.


Location stops include:

Visiting the former bank where Mr. Dunn shot out the front window while blasting at the monster.

The main street where the Visitor was repeatedly spotted.

Exploring the brick and tile factory area which the beast used as its lair.

Checking out the old buildings where the townsfolk tried to kill the creature.

SOLD OUT! Van Meter Visitor Walking/Surviving Tour Tickets-Sept 23rd-